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Being a parent is HARD!  Our lives are consumed with laundry, meals, dishes, bills, jobs, cleaning, exercise. work, schedules...and I haven't even mentioned having children to keep alive!  I have been there and understand how overwhelming (and fun), those first five years of life can be with young children.  While I know the struggles are real, this does not change that fact that our children NEED us.  They need us to survive and thrive.  You truly are your child's first and best teacher and children need their parents to be engaged and intentional in order to thrive!  I can help solve this issue by providing simple and fun activities, delivered to your inbox, that build early literacy skills in 1-2 minutes and fit into your daily routine.  Chat over coffee...easy peasy!  Literacy in the problem!  Subscribe to my weekly emails, where you will get fun and engaging literacy activities that you can do in simple, CONVIENENT ways!  Learning through play does not have to be difficult.  Sign up today!  Your children deserve it! 

Moving Little Minds Mondays! 

Chat with Your Child Over Your Morning Cup of Coffee!

Literacy Tips Delivered

Moving Little Mind Wednesdays! 

Scrub- A-Dub!  

Literacy in the Tub!

Literacy Tips Delivered

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