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Is Your Child Ready to Read? 
Find Out!

What Skills Should I Look For? 
Learning to read is a science!  We must create strong connections between vision, speech, and meaning to build a strong reader.  Below are some key skills that may indicate that your child is ready to begin learning to read! 
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Print Awareness

Print awareness is the understanding of how books work and having awareness that print has meaning, is useful, and important. 


Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic awareness is a subset of phonological awareness, and the most important phonological awareness skill when it comes to learning to read.  Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear the smallest unit of sounds within words - example: /c/ /a/ /t/.

Learning is Fun

Letter Sound Identification

Letter sound identification is the ability to name the sound associated with a letter symbol.  Letter sound identification is the most important factor in reading readiness!

Learning to Read

Phonological Awareness 

Phonological awareness is the understanding that words and sentences contain units of sounds.  Phonological awareness is an auditory skill, being able to play with and maniupate sounds.

Happy Child

Letter Name Identification

Letter name identification is the ability to  recognize uppercase and lowercase letters by name. Learning letter names is an important building block in early literacy.  While letter names are not technically necessary to learn to read, having knowledge of letters is proven to be a strong indicator of reading success in the future.  

Stuffed Felt Alphabets

Desire to Learn to Read!

Children must show an interest in learning to read in order for the process to be fun and productive!  It is not beneficial to force reading upon children without the desire to learn.  

Child Reading in the Grass

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