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Professional Development

Enhance Your Literacy Instruction

Building a strong literacy foundation is the key to a bright future.  All children deserve a fair start, and the truth is that many children in the United States are not getting the foundational skills and the reading instruction that they need to be successful.  It is my goal to spread the word about the last research backed by the science of reading, as well as share early literacy knowledge, tips, and resources that incorporate both science and most importantly, PLAY!  Book an introductory call to learn more about my professional development services.

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Virtual and In-Person Trainings Available

Custom Trainings Available. 

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Meredith M. - Christ Church Director

"Melissa McCall has a wealth of knowledge about early childhood education. She uses research as her basis to develop age-appropriate learning experiences. Her ideas and activities are easy to implement in the classroom setting and help build the foundation for learning in preschool-aged children."​

Mary C. - Founding Director of the DC Reading Clinic

Moving Little Minds is based on the most recent research: the Institute of Education Sciences and cutting edge cognitive science about how the brain acquires speech and print. By following the research, the lessons will improve children’s ability to read both effectively and efficiently. It’s also super easy to use; as a parent myself, I found it easy to follow and fun for my child.”

Anna P. - Preschool Parent

"With quick, easy - and most importantly, fun - tips to weave learning into the day-to-day routine, Melissa’s literacy workshop empowers parents to help their children start off on the right path. Rooted in research with great book recommendations and games sprinkled throughout, the workshop was tailored to both my children’s age groups (0-3 years old and 3-5 years old). Highly recommend!"


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