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 Moving Little Minds

Improving Preschool Literacy Education by Empowering Teachers with Knowledge and Resources to Better Educate Our Children 

Children can't read!

66% of 4th Graders in American are not proficient in reading.

Preschool Education can CHANGE the future of our children!



Literacy Curriculums

We can change the future...

By better educating our preschool teachers and parents about HOW children learn to read and how to teach science-based skills from the start!

As a preschool teacher...

you understand the importance of early literacy, but merging research-based instruction with playful, engaging activities can be challenging.


How do you ensure that your young learners build a strong pre-reading foundation while keeping their natural curiosity and love for movement alive?

Building the foundation is KEY!

Traditional Methods of Teaching Leave You...

  • Searching for the "right way" to teach.

  • Worried that what you are doing isn’t appropriate or impactful.

  • Frustrated with the lack of engagement of your students.

  • Overwhelmed by the time wasted searching for resources.

  • Unsure about how to effectively teach early literacy skills, such as letter names, sounds, and phonological awareness.

  • Discouraged by the limitations of worksheets.

  • Wondering how to meet the need of diverse learners.

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At Moving Little Minds

We specialize in empowering teachers with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively educate young learners. Our mission is to better educate teachers so that they can, in turn, better educate their students. We understand the challenges preschool teachers face and provide comprehensive support to ensure that early literacy instruction is both effective and engaging.

  • Expert Training and Professional Development

  • Multisensory Approaches to Teaching

  • Resource-Rich Curriculums

  • Ongoing Support and Community

  • Science-Backed Approaches

  • Children's Camps and Classes

Preschool camp

Upcoming Events and Learning

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What Clients Are Saying


"I have loved watching how the children in my classroom have responded to her “Moving Little Minds” letter cards.  They are excited about learning the names of letters and letter sounds.  This program is great for all learning styles- visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.   I’m thankful for her expertise and the way she has helped me grow in my teaching skills."

Amelia M., 4's Teacher


"With quick, easy - and most importantly, fun - tips to weave learning into the day-to-day routine, Melissa’s literacy workshop empowers parents to help their children start off on the right path. . Rooted in research with great book recommendations and games sprinkled throughout, the workshop was tailored to both my children’s age groups (0-3 years old and 3-5 years old). Highly recommend!"

Anna P. , Parent


"Melissa McCall has a wealth of knowledge about early childhood education. She uses research as her basis to develop age-appropriate learning experiences. Her ideas and activities are easy to implement in the classroom setting and help build the foundation for learning in preschool-aged children."

Meredith S., Preschool Director

Moving Little Minds
Where Instruction
Meets Play!

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