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Moving Little Minds

Educational Services

Helping schools and parents improve literacy instruction for young children using engaging, research-based practices, trainings, preschool classes, and materials.

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Educational Services

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Professional Development

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One-on-one consultation with clients  to create a plan for the most effective professional development for staff.  Flexibility in delivery, including virtual trainings, to fit schedules and budget. Possible courses include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-Sensory Literacy

  • Phonological Awareness - Digging Deeper into Word Play

  • My Students Know Letter Sounds, What's Next?

  • Understanding Dyslexia - Signs and Interventions 

  • The Five Components of Literacy Overview

  • Developmental Writing

  • Making Center Time Meaningful

Literacy Consulting

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Year-long partnership with monthly check-ins to help build a strong literacy foundation within the school.   Services  are  individualizes and include, but are not limited to:

  • One-on-one interviews

  • Classroom observations

  • Modeling

  • Professional trainings

  • Coaching on the implementation of research-based practices

Parent Workshops

Join an on-site workshop,  designed to equip families with the tools needed to build a strong literacy foundation in their children from the start.  Work as a preschool director? Give your families the gift of knowledge!  Offer parent workshops at your school that focus on sharing valuable knowledge about children's development and tips and tricks to build pre-literacy skills in fun, engaging ways at home.  

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Literacy + Art 
Preschool Classes

Come join me on Fridays from 1:00-2:30pm at Small Hands, Big Art Studio in Waverly.  The Literacy + Art Preschool Class is designed for children ages 3.5-6.  Our goal with this class is to improve children’s confidence and reading foundation skills  –  from learning letter recognition and sounds, to practicing vocabulary and comprehension skills, all while using visual expression to create a beautiful work of art!  We would love to see you there!

Littles and Literacy Class

Bring your children ages 2-3 and join me for Littles and Literacy on Fridays from 9:30-10:15am at LUMI School of Musical Theatre.  This class is designed to build beginning literacy skills in children ages 2-3 years old through stories and songs, literacy-based extension activities, and crafts.  The 45 minute class consists of activities that focus on building vocabulary, comprehension skills, oral language, and alphabetic knowledge.  Parent tips will also be provided!

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About Me

Professional Consulting

I am a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate with my BA in Elementary Education and my MA in Special Education from Western Carolina. Working as an elementary education teacher, special education teacher, an MTSS coordinator, tutor, and literacy teacher, I have a well-rounded background and expertise in delivering the most effective, research-based teaching practices for all types of learners.   I have a wonderful husband and two young children that I learn from every day.   I love traveling and long walks with friends! Want to learn more? Contact me today to set up a time to discuss how I can better support you!

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"These kits contain quality learning tools that engage children and allow them to express their creativity, enhance their confidence, and develop a lifelong love of learning."


“Moving Little Minds is based on the most recent research: the Institute of Education Sciences and cutting edge cognitive science about how the brain acquires speech and print. By following the research, the lessons will improve children’s ability to read both effectively and efficiently. It’s also super easy to use; as a parent myself, I found it easy to follow and fun for my child.”


"I am so thankful that we ordered the Moving Little Minds literacy kit this summer! I have seen so much improvement in my son’s letter recognition and letter sounds! The kit is fun and easy to use and I feel much more confident that my son will be ready for kindergarten this fall."


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“Melissa’s seminar will refresh even the most burned out parent. She has a wonderful blend of scientific research and applicable tips for getting the most out of reading with your children. I felt reinvigorated to be more engaged in my daily reading with my children.”

“I have loved watching how the children in my classroom have responded to her “Moving Little Minds” letter cards.  They are excited about learning the names of letters and letter sounds.  This program is great for all learning styles- visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.   I’m thankful for her expertise and the way she has helped me grow in my teaching skills. 


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