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Learn with Moving Little Minds!

Professional Development

Building a strong literacy foundation is the key to a bright future!  Give your preschool teachers the the knowledge needed to give children this strong foundation.  Learn the importance of early literacy and the research that supports these teachings the Moving Little Minds way...through both INSTRUCTION and PLAY!  Reach out to learn more about my professional development services. 

Available in person or virtually.

Popular trainings include:

  • Purposeful Play - How to Plan Centers Intentionally

  • Learning Letter Sounds through Body Motions

  • Playing with Words - How to Build Phonological Awareness Skills

  • Littles and Literacy - Incorporating Literacy with Toddlers and 2's

Parent Workshops

Learn how to best support your children as they build key foundational skills that support reading readiness.  These workshops are ideal for groups of preschool parents that are looking to gain knowledge about the science behind how our children learn.  Available in person or virtually.  These workshops can be customized to meet the unique needs of your parent group.

Reading in Library
Reading Digital Book

Teach to Read Small Group Coaching

Is your child ready to learn to read but you are unsure of where to begin?  Join the Moving Little Minds Small Group Coaching Group, where we work together to learn how YOU can teach your child to read.  We will learn about the science behind learning to read and tackle the ends and outs of the process.  We will meet via zoom for six, 1 hour sessions, where you will be trained to teach your child to read.  You will have access to a private Facebook group in which you can reach out for guidance and support from myself and other group members along the way and throughout your child's reading journey beyond the coaching!

Literacy + Art Preschool Class
at Small Hands, Big Art Waverly

Let's learn and create!  This preschool class is perfect for children ages 3.5-6 that are looking to build a strong literacy foundation while enhancing learning through art!  The drop-off class takes place on Fridays from 1:00-2:30pm at Small Hands, Big Art at Waverly.  Grab your spot today!

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