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  • How does the literacy pad stand up?
    The literacy pad comes mailed with an adhesive cardboard back. Simply peel, stick, assemble, and stand!
  • What is the age recommendation for the literacy pad?
    The literacy pad is designed for children ages 4-5 years old. Children that are move advanced may be able to complete many of the activities in the pad at a younger age. If an activity is too challenging, simply save the activity for a later date!
  • Is the literacy pad research-based?
    Yes! All of the activities in the literacy pad are based on the latest research related to child development and the science of reading. Reach out for a list of references.
  • Can I use the literacy pad as a preschool teacher?
    Yes, the literacy pad can be used in the classroom! Each activity is designed to completed one-on-one, but you can easily adapt the activities to a larger group!


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