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Learning to Read

Why Early Literacy Matters!

  • Illiteracy costs the U.S. approximately $300.8 billion per year.

  • A staggering 68% of fourth graders not reading proficiently, (The Nation's Report Card, 2022).

  • 2/3 of children that cannot ready proficiently by the end of 4th grade are more likely to end up in jail or on welfare.

  • Many teachers around the country have been teaching children to read using programs that are not backed by science.

  • The science of reading has proven that 95% of all children can be successful in reading with explicit, systematic instruction.

  • Comprehension skills in children as young as age 4 are predictive of later performance of reading comprehension in upper elementary school grades. 

  • Alphabetic knowledge in preschool and kindergarten is one of the best predictors of reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension success in later elementary years.

Literacy begins with YOU!

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Weekly Literacy
Activity Emails

Incorporating literacy into your daily routine doesn't have to be hard!  Check out ways to incorporate literacy over a cup of coffee and in the bathtub!  Get simple literacy activities to try at home (or easily modified for the preschool classroom) emailed to you twice per week!  Sign up below!

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Summer Literacy


THRIVE this summer with fun and easy tips for incorporating preschool literacy no matter where your summer takes you!  From the beach to the park, to rainy day fun, grab the guide for literacy-based tips, resources, and prodcuts this summer!

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Child Counseling

Phonological Awareness
10 Day Challenge

Phonological awareness is one of the KEY components of early literacy.  All children need a strong foundation in phonological awareness to become strong readers.  Take the 10 Day Challenge and see how your children stack up!

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Ready to Read Checklist

Do you have a child at home or in the classroom that is ready to learn to read?  Grab the checklist below to ensure that he/she has all the skills necessary to begin the amazing journey of learning to read!  Areas assessed include phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, letter names, letter sounds, and more!

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The Lowdon on Early Literacy Guide

The Lowdon on Early Literacy Guide is your one-stop-shop for preschool early literacy knowledge! This guide breaks down the key components of early literacy and gives you resources to nurture them in your classroom. Resources include background knowledge, top three tips, apps, and book recommendations.

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The Little Learner's Playlist

The Little Learner's Playlist sorts over 400 of our favorite preschool songs for the classroom by curriculum themes and holidays. Liven up your classroom & boost brainpower with movement & music!  Learn through music and add preschool music activities to your day!

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Preschool Music Activities

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