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Teach Your Child to Read
Small Group Coaching

Join our small group as I coach YOU to teach your child to read.  We will work together to learn the ends and outs of teaching your child to read.  Following research supported by the science of reading, you will learn necessary tips and techniques to support your child in his/her reading journey.  Using a phonics-based, systematic, and multisensory approach, you will be fully equipped to support your child as he/she tackles learning to read. 

The English language is tricky.  Empower yourself to support your child!

What's Included?

Video Conference

6, 1 hour zoom sessions to build background knowledge, practice teaching skills, ask questions, and share teaching videos for review and support.

Unsure If Your Child is Ready to Learn to Read?
Download the Free Reading Readiness Assessment

Click here to download

You don't need to be a teacher to teach your child to read. 
Join my other successful clients!

“I loved this class. I enjoyed all of the information that Melissa provided. We are a homeschool family, and this class gave me confidence in how I will teach our children to read. Melissa was available for every question that I had. I highly recommend this class to others. The science of reading works!”
- Stephanie P. 

“Melissa’s ability to teach a parent to teach to teach a child to read and make it fun was extraordinary. My daughter really enjoyed her activities and each small tip she provided to overcome a struggle really helped us move forward. As a two working parent household, her schedules and activities allowed for flexibility and modification, all while seeing progress.”
- Cristina M.

“I participated in Melissa's Small Group Coaching and it transformed how I approach reading with my kindergartener. We started doing the "Three-Part Drill" to work on letter sounds and blending. The daily practice has helped her tremendously! I now feel confident that I will be able to support my daughter on her reading journey. I highly recommend Melissa's Small Group Coaching if you are wondering how you can best support your child at home as he/she learns how to read.“
- Emily C.

Check out a former client's child, age 4 years and 8 months, rocking her reading skills!  She was taught 100% by her mother!

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