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Join My Group Coaching

Join My Group Coaching Program
NEW Group Beginning in October!
Build Your Child's Reading Skills in 6 Weeks!

Is your child ready to learn to read but you are unsure of where to begin?  I am here to walk you through the process of teaching your child to read using research-based practices, while providing support, community, and enthusiasm!  Join my small group coaching session, where we work together to learn about the science behind learning to read and tackle the ends and outs of the process.  We will meet via zoom once per week for six weeks, with a private Facebook group in which you can reach out for guidance and support from myself and other group members along the way!  

Video Conference

Zoom Sessions

Teach your child to read through our 1 hour small group zoom sessions.  Each session will be one hour and will occur weekly, or biweekly.  There are six sessions in total, and you will be more than ready to teach your child to read by the end!  All sessions are recorded, if you are unable to attend.

In class

Private Facebook Group

Get support, resources, and questions answered through our private Facebook group.  This group is designed for past and current participates to ask questions, share success stories, as well as ideas.

Levitating Books

Digital Materials

Receive all of the materials needed for success!  Each week, you will receive a link to all the materials needed to build reading skills with your child, including phonological awareness practice, blending cards, lesson plans, games, and more!

What's Included?

Give your child the FOREVER gift of reading!  Empower yourself to teach your child to read and gain the knowledge to support them throughout their literacy journey.  Build skills NOW, so that you are not spending hundreds of dollars for a private tutor LATER, when struggles arise.  Learn the skills to help your child now and forever!  If you are not fully satisfied after the first session, I will gladly refund your payment. Join the group coaching program for $350. Grab a spot on the waitlist!  New session begins in October, 2023!
Join the waitlist today.


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