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Family Instructional Support

Take the next step in understanding and supporting your child's unique strengths and needs!

Team Task

Is your child’s recent private psychological evaluation leaving you uncertain about the next steps? I provide personalized one-on-one parent consultations, carefully designed to deepen your understanding of the test results and best equip your child for the future.  Within these sessions, you will receive an in-depth analysis of the evaluation results, spotlighting your child's strengths and areas of need. Additionally, I will provide you with an array of resources and educational materials targeted at strengthening areas of need in fun and engaging ways!  Collaboratively, we will create a plan for your child, ensuring a confident and thriving entry into elementary school.

Consultation will include:

  • Explanation of Testing Areas

  • Discussion of Child's Strengths and Needs

  • Developmental Milestones Chart

  • List of Community Resources (if applicable)

  • Educational Materials Geared Towards Building Target Areas of Need

  • List of Game and Apps to Enhance Learning

Reach out to set up your meeting today!

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