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The Lowdown On Early Literacy Guide

Did you know that there are 6 main components of early literacy?  Learning to read is HARD!  The English language is confusing, and approximately 60% of children need systematic, explicit instruction in order to learn to read.  Children must have a strong foundation in early literacy skills to make this process as easy as possible.  Small, intentional play is the greatest way that we can guide our children towards a strong foundation in reading.  Grab your Lowdown on Early Literacy Guide - An All-In-One Guide to Understanding Early Literacy Components and Resources to Support Them, and build a strong foundation from the start!  

  • Definitions of the 6 Components of Literacy

  • Top Three Tips for Each Component

  • Suggested Educational Apps to Fit Each Component

  • Suggested Book Recommendations for Specific Ages

  • BONUS - Decoding Resources for Beginning Readers

Grab the Guide!

Click here to download

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