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Kindergarten Literacy Readiness Evaluation,
Roadmap, & Skill-Building Groups

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Kindergarten Readiness Literacy

Children will complete a one-on-one literacy evaluation, which will focus on assessing the 6 main components of early literacy.  The evaluation will provide valuable data on the child's literacy strengths and areas of need in relation to kindergarten readiness. 

Literacy Roadmap

Following the evaluation, families will receive a literacy roadmap, which will include the following:

  • Academic Literacy Roadmap, documenting strengths and areas of need.

  • Detailed list of research-based activities that focus on building areas of need in fun, engaging ways.

  • Follow-up parent meeting (via zoom or phone), explaining evaluation, roadmap, and next steps.

Teacher and Student

Literacy Skill-Building Groups

At the completion of the evaluation and follow-up meeting, families will have the option of enrolling their children into a literacy skill-building group, which is created based off student academic levels and needs.  To grab a spot on the waitlist, click HERE.  

***Note: Children that have participated in the Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation and Roadmap will be given first priority in the Literacy Skill Building Groups.  

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