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Preschool Academic Evaluation
and Roadmap

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Preschool Academic

Children will complete a one-on-one evaluation, using the Brigance Early Childhood Screen III.  The nationally standardized screener assessment provides strengths and areas of need compared to same-aged peers, as well as key predictors for school success.  The assessment will also include a detailed literacy assessment, which will focus on assessing skills needed for reading success based on the science of reading.   Understand your child's strengths and needs and how to support and enrich your child's future!   

Educational Roadmap

Following the evaluation, families will receive an educational roadmap, which will include the following: ​

  • Academic Roadmap, documenting strengths and needs in the areas of: Physical Development, Language Development, Academic Skills/Cognitive Development, Social-Emotional Skills, and Self-Help Skills.  

  • Detailed list of research-based activities and digital materials that focus on building areas of need in fun, engaging ways.

  • Follow-up parent meeting (via zoom or phone), explaining evaluation, roadmap, and next steps.

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When and where does the evaluation take place?

After joining the waitlist, I will connect via email or phone number to set up a time and location for the evaluation.  Some location options include: your home, my home, or the public library.  

What is the Brigance Screener III?

The Brigance Screener III is a nationally standardized assessment that provides performance compared to same-aged peers and provides cutoff scores for delays and giftedness.  Find more information HERE.  

How long does the evaluation take?


The one-on-one evaluation will take approximately one hour.  

The Roadmap follow-up meeting will take approximately 30-45 minutes.  

What is the cost?

The cost of the Preschool Academic Evaluation and Roadmap is $250.  

Discounts are available for multi-season bookings and siblings.   

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